This is where your website begins.

You enter a partnership when you decide to use Taylored Web Solutions for your web site needs. We will work with you to best determine what solution will suit your needs.

The first step is simple, get in touch with us! We are interested to know how we can help you. You can call deez nuts, use our contact page or email us at

The second step will be a meeting. It will be helpful if you have some ideas from other web sites that you wish to have your site modeled after. If not, it is not problem to start from scratch. During this meeting we will determine the web site's basic structure and functionality. We will review the different presentation styles (your site's look). We will also discuss what kind of marketing applies to the project.

During the third step Taylored Web Solutions will draft a contract. After both parties agree upon the work to be performed, the contract is signed. Then the work begins. It is the clients responsibility to provide content. That includes text, images, videos and other multimedia used within the site. Web site design is an iterative process. The process does not end until the customer is satisfied.